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2005-14 Mustang GT 500mustang

PST Builds the highest quality Mustang one piece replacement shaft available, using genuine GKN High Performance CV joints at the differential. The design of the CV joint creates a stable shaft at all load ranges and RPM, unlike a slip and spline arrangement which must have “Slop” built into it to operate. The CV joint is a Heavy Duty version of the OE joint that the late Model Mustangs employ.

The shafts have been tested over 150 MPH with smooth results throughout the entire speed range. PST shafts are direct bolt in, no adapters that frequently cause problems. Each shaft is built specifically for your car, all suspension modifications should be complete before measuring for the shaft. We require a measurement from the transmission to the front edge of the CV cup. 51″ is most common but we have seen variations of over 1/2″. Please specify Manual or Automatic Transmission. There are many other shafts available for Mustangs of all years, please see our custom section.