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3.5x .065 60″ or less Dim X*


3.5x .065 DOM Steel Shaft   |    60″ or less Dim X*

*Should not exceed 6200 RPM


These shafts are for longer or higher Horse Power applications.  The u-joint Series choice becomes more critical over 500 HP, care must be taken to insure the correct U-joint is matched to the HP.  We offer all common pinion yokes for 1350 series if an upgrade is necessary for your vehicle.     Shafts are built under the most Stringent Tolerances in the industry.   Tubing is Hydraulically Straightened to .005″ total runout at the center of the tube.  Tube yokes are welded to within .006″ runout on each end.  The shafts are Electronically Computer Balanced to less than 1/8 Oz/Inch, as an assembly, assuring smooth operation at all speeds.

Critical speed is taken into consideration, but in most cases will not be concern on Street applications.  The shafts are normally painted High Gloss Driveshaft Black unless you prefer to apply you own finish. The most common Transmission Slip Yokes are included.