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3.75” Carbon Fiber Mustang Driveshaft


2005-14 Mustang GT 500   |   3.75” Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

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Over 15 years of working with Carbon Fiber Technology, gives PST the Experience necessary to produce these World Class Mustang Shafts.  Two different wind angles  incorporated in the manufacture of the tubing to give extraordinary torsional strength.  The shafts also have a superior critical speed rating for High MPH applications, such as straight one mile courses.  The torsional spring rate designed into the tube gives a “smoother” 60ft, seamless shifting, and less shock to all driveline components resulting in longer part life. The strongest, lightest, Driveshafts available, are bonded to a 7075 Forged Aluminum tube yoke, of our own design, at the transmission end.  The CV stub is welded to a steel insert at the differential end. The assembly is tested under a 2000 Ft/lb. torque test in both directions to assure the Quality of the bond and the integrity of the tube.  As with all our shafts they are balanced as an assembly, to less than 1/8 oz. in for smooth operation.  The Carbon Fiber shafts are rated at 2000 HP and the Critical speed exceeding 9500 RPM.