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3.75″ Carbon Fiber 1480


3.75″ Carbon Fiber Drag Race Shaft 1480

*Shafts Over 53″

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Over 15 years experience with Carbon Fiber Technology, gives PST the Experience necessary to produce these World Class Products.  Two different wind angles incorporated in the manufacture  of the tubing to give extraordinary torsional strength.   That capability allows Launches on Pro-Mod cars  exceeding 3000 HP.  The shafts also lend themselves to high Critical speed for long applications like Trucks and early model OEM chassis cars.  The Torsional Spring rate designed into the tube gives a “smoother ”  60ft creating less shock to all the driveline components resulting in longer part life.

The Strongest and lightest Drive Shafts available are bonded to 7075 Forged Aluminum tube yokes of our own design.  The Assembly is Tested under a 3000 FT/lb torque test in both directions to assure the Quality of the Bond and the integrity of the tube.  As with all of our shafts they are balanced as an assembly, to less than 1/8 oz/in for smooth operation.

The shafts are offered in 1350 and 1480 Series , with different wall thickness according to Horse Power Demands.  Many of the Pro Racers have used these shafts with success for  years,  the shafts have an unlimited life, no replacement, period.  There is also a Preferred Extended Protection (PEP) program which is a 100% Guarantee, that your shaft will be replaced or repaired, regardless of fault,  yours or ours, if any failure occurs.

The shafts are SFI Certifiable,  proven to withstand 2800ft/lbs of Torque by an independent testing facility.  Slip yokes are priced separate.  You may want to consider a Strange Chromoly slip yoke or Spicer u-joint upgrade.