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Evo One Piece Carbon Fiber Driveshaft


Mitsubishi   |   Evo One Piece Carbon Fiber Driveshaft


Yoke Upgrade


Over 15 years of working with Carbon Fiber Technology, gives PST the Experience necessary to produce these World Class Mitsubishi Shafts.  Specifically designed wind angles are incorporated in the manufacture of the tubing to give extraordinary longitudinal capacity.  The shafts also have a superior critical speed rating, for High MPH applications, such as straight one mile courses.  The torsional spring rate designed into the tube gives a “smooth” 60ft, seamless shifting, and less shock to all driveline components resulting in longer part life.

Weighing in at 18.5 pounds the one piece replacement eliminates the 3piece shaft and close to 20 pounds.  The shaft is fitted with forged steel tube yokes, welded to within .005” runout. We do offer an Aluminum yoke upgrade which will save 2.6 lbs. of weight.   A 4130 Chromoly Billet Transmission Slip Yoke, and a custom 4 bolt flanges complete the shaft.  Balanced to less than 1/8 in/oz. for smooth operation throughout the entire speed range.  The shafts have been track tested to over 170 MPH.