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Critical Link Driveshafts

critical_link_blank_shaft The technical advances PST achieved over the past 15 years allow us to bring you the finest Racing and Replacement driveshafts available. The PST “Critical Link” is a continuous filament, carbon fiber wound tube, allowing Power to be transmitted from fiber to fiber The finest driveshaft available anywhere. Each driveshaft is specifically Alanabidesigned by our Engineering Department to optimize the characteristics of Carbon Fiber required in your special application. We offer a wide range of Carbon Fiber Shafts from our Drag 1480 through 2.75″ 1310 shafts for Foreign Rally Sport applications.

The Carbon Fiber Driveshaft is a perfect answer to long, high RPM applications such as Pro-Stock Trucks and can be engineered for any amount of Horse Power. Years of use by many Pro Stock and Pro Mod teams have demonstrated the reliability of our carbon driveshafts. Many Drag racers experience a half a tenth increase in performance just by going with a carbon fiber driveshaft. Quick acceleration and smoother shifting is reported on all Street applications along with Drifting and Road racing.

Ricky SmithLess shock to the Transmission and differential is another benefit of the Carbon technology. Custom Shafts can be ordered by filling out the order form. For many applications the correct information has already been acquired and you can order by clicking on the make and model of your vehicle.